Hey there, crypto enthusiasts and XCAD fans! Ever wonder what FIFA coins, e-commerce success, and crypto innovation have in common? The answer is one man:

Oliver Bell

This isn’t your usual rags-to-riches story; it’s about a dude who looked at the digital world and said:

“I can make this better.”

Let’s dive into Oliver’s journey from a teenage digital market hustler to the CEO of XCAD Network, transforming how we engage with YouTube content.

Oliver’s Digital Journey: From Gamer to Game-Changer

Picture this: While most of us were content scoring goals in FIFA or venting our frustrations by throwing controllers across the room, Oliver Bell was busy transforming virtual coins into actual money. Yes, for Oliver, FIFA was far more than just a game; it was serious business. Flipping broken Xbox 360s off eBay for kicks and profit? Oliver did that. Accidentally landing a Microsoft developer kit and uncovering a game so hush-hush it summoned both Activision and Microsoft to his doorstep? You bet. But, plot twist: Instead of culminating in a Hollywood-style confrontation, this episode turned into a networking goldmine. Classic Oliver.

Here’s where it gets even better: He was running late for college because of the visit from Microsoft, so, they dropped him off. The teacher then asked Oliver, why he was late? He drops the line, “Microsoft just dropped me off”, effectively bringing the entire lecture to a standstill. Picture the scene as he stands there, the center of attention, having to unpack that bombshell to a room full of bewildered classmates and a curious teacher. Oliver was not just making waves; he was the wave.

This wasn’t just a chapter in Oliver’s life; it was a sneak peek into the ingenuity and flair that would later define his career. From gaming for fun to gaming the system, Oliver’s digital journey from selling FIFA coins, flipping Xbox consoles to a visionary blending the realms of gaming, blockchain, and content creation showcases the remarkable trajectory of a true digital pioneer.

The “Accidental” Crypto Calling

As the CEO of XCAD Network, Oliver reminisces about his early days of online buying and selling, maybe around 2016. A chance encounter with a user wanting Oliver to pay in Bitcoin sparked his curiosity in this unfamiliar digital currency. The world of Bitcoin, as intriguing as it was, initially seemed like a maze difficult to navigate, leading Oliver to part ways with his modest Bitcoin stash before its value hit the moon. Yet, this experience did more than just introduce him to cryptocurrency; it piqued his interest in the technology underpinning it. Oliver saw the potential for blockchain to streamline and bring transparency to business operations. This revelation prompted him to explore Ethereum and NEO further, growing his investment portfolio and, with it, his influence in the crypto sphere. 

Enter Xcademy

Oliver Bell (on the left), Joel Morris (on the right)

Oliver Bell’s journey to founding Xcademy, is a tale of unexpected twists and entrepreneurial spirit. It all started when Oliver, already dabbling in the digital currency market, began connecting with UK YouTubers to promote his website. This initial venture into leveraging YouTube’s vast audience for marketing his digital coins laid the groundwork for what would later become a groundbreaking educational platform.

However, Xcademy’s inception wasn’t a straightforward path. At a blockchain event in Seville, where Oliver was invited to speak, he realized the untapped potential of blockchain technology beyond traditional sectors. The spark for Xcademy ignited during his return journey from this event. Missing his annual Black Friday venture gave Oliver a rare moment of pause at the airport, leading to a pivotal call with his soon-to-be co-founder, Joel. They brainstormed the idea of a YouTube academy that could offer more than just one-off video sales—a vision for a comprehensive educational model began to form.

Despite an initial hesitation and putting the idea on the back burner, fate had other plans. At a blockchain dinner back in London, Oliver encountered Philip Lord, a venture capitalist with an interest in the mining sector. A casual pub visit later, fueled by Joel’s handling of his drinks (haha), led to a meeting with Lord once again. This chance encounter turned into a deep dive discussion about the potential of a YouTube academy, laying the foundation stone for Xcademy.

Enter XCAD Network

XCAD Network is Oliver’s brainchild, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. Picture this: a platform that allows you to earn crypto, like Creator Tokens, just by watching your favorite YouTubers. That’s the essence of XCAD’s Watch2Earn model. But it’s not just about lining viewers’ pockets with digital coins; it’s about creating a symbiotic relationship between content creators and their audience. Oliver saw this as a way to empower both parties, transforming passive viewing into an interactive, rewarding experience. You can read more about XCAD Network here.

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day: The YouTube Connections

Oliver’s connections with top YouTubers didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey of networking, building credibility, and showcasing how XCAD could revolutionize content monetization. His deep understanding of the content creation ecosystem, combined with his e-commerce and crypto expertise, made him the perfect bridge between two worlds waiting to collide. Learn more about XCAD Network creators here.

The Dream Team Behind XCAD Network

Oliver might be the captain of the XCAD ship, but he’s got an all-star crew sailing with him. The dynamic team consists of excellent talent including Joel Morris, Jeff Ward, Bernice Thomas, Domen Trontelj, Stephen Maruko, Mariano Perez, Guido De Vita, Abed Hardcastle, Ivan, Stefan, Luka, Harry, Duong, Eoghan, Ben Tran, Dylan Rigby, Paul, Richy, and many more. This diverse team brings together their expertise to propel XCAD Network towards its vision and goals, are the unsung heroes making XCAD’s vision a reality.

But it’s not just the internal team that’s driving the XCAD revolution forward. The community surrounding XCAD is just as crucial. With their support, feedback, and engagement, they fuel the momentum of XCAD’s growth, contributing to its success and ensuring that the platform evolves in line with the needs and desires of its users.

Note: may not be up-to-date with current staff of XCAD Network.

What’s the Big Deal About Watch2Earn?

Oliver’s belief in the #Watch2Earn model is more than just a gimmick; it’s about changing the game for content creators and viewers. In a world where engagement means everything, XCAD offers a tangible reward system. It’s a dynamic shift towards recognizing and valuing the audience’s role in content success.

The Bottom Line

Oliver Bell’s journey from a FIFA coin entrepreneur to the forefront of integrating crypto with YouTube is a testament to innovation and forward-thinking. XCAD Network, under his leadership, is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards more meaningful content engagement. So, whether you’re in it for the crypto or the content (or both!), Oliver and XCAD are crafting a digital ecosystem where everyone’s a winner.

So here’s to Oliver Bell, a true digital pioneer, proving that with a bit of ingenuity (and a lot of hard work), you can turn fantasy into reality. And who knows? With XCAD, maybe earning crypto will become as commonplace as hitting the like button on YouTube. Here’s to watching, earning, and being part of the revolution.

Cheers, Oliver and team XCAD! Keep on innovating.

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Last Update: March 3, 2024