The world of digital currency is rapidly expanding, and Bitcoin is soaring to new heights, reaching an impressive $73,679. This means that your virtual wallets could be overflowing with more digital wealth than ever before! However, there’s a contender making waves with some impressive movements – let’s delve into XCAD Network – the king of SocialFi.

What’s the XCAD Network hype?

Envision a universe where your digital currency tokens aren’t just idly stored in a wallet but are actively being utilized. That’s XCAD for you! It’s the best SocialFi crytocurrency on the blockchain, providing content creators and viewers with an opportunity to earn incentives through engagement. Imagine watching your preferred YouTuber, but with the added bonus of receiving cryptocurrency rewards! You can read more about XCAD Network here.

XCAD Stats – Finally Released

XCAD Stats has been released and the community has eagerly anticipated its arrival. It is a dashboard that displays all the crucial statistics that are relevant to XCAD token holders.

Keeping things simple is crucial. When it comes to XCAD Stats, they avoid using complicated financial language. Their aim is to provide clear and concise information. Whether you want to know the total supply or the number of XCAD holders, they’ve got you covered. Their platform displays everything from trading volume to the amount of XCAD locked up for future use in an easily accessible format. You won’t need a magnifying glass to find what you’re looking for.

Let’s begin by reviewing the latest information on the XCAD Token.

XCAD Token Statistics

Total Supply – The Grand Number

Beginning with the grand total supply of 198,813,158 XCAD, this represents the entirety of XCAD that will ever exist on the blockchain. It’s comparable to the number of seats in a large crypto theatre, with each token acting as a ticket to the show.

Trading Volume – The 24-Hour Hustle

Moving on to trading volume, XCAD has seen an impressive $10,639,395 change hands in just 24 hours. This high volume indicates active trading and market movement.

Circulating Supply – The Stars on Stage

The circulating supply currently sits at 47,726,796 XCAD, representing tokens that are currently in circulation and actively participating in the economy.

Total Holders – The Crowd Cheers

Picture this: 45,690 holders. That’s a digital stadium of people who’ve got XCAD in their wallets. It’s not just about quantity; it’s about the community. Each holder is a fan, cheering for XCAD, waving their digital foam fingers in the air.

Total Locked – The Loyalty Lock-in

Moving on to the total locked: a solid 5,563,782 XCAD. These tokens are in the crypto equivalent of a time capsule. They’re locked away for a reason, often for future developments or rewards, showing that XCAD’s got plans and it’s not just living for the weekend.

Total Staked – The Confidence Vote

Finally, there are 5,727,694 XCAD staked by holders who believe in the token’s future. Staking is like the applause at the end of a great performance—it’s holders saying:

“We believe in you, XCAD!”

– XCAD Fan

They’re staking their tokens to support the network and, of course, hoping for some staking rewards. It’s the ultimate sign of trust in XCAD’s future.

Holders of XCAD: The Blockchain Breakdown

Let’s dive into the details on who’s holding XCAD across various blockchains:

  • BNB Chain: Sitting at the top with 18,831 holders. This chain is the go-to for nearly 40% of all XCAD holders, making it the blockchain of choice for the XCAD community.
  • BNB Legacy: A substantial 9,950 holders are here. That’s over 21% of total holders sticking to the BNB Legacy chain.
  • Ethereum: With 8,402 holders, Ethereum claims about 18% of the pie, showcasing its continued relevance in the XCAD ecosystem.
  • Zilliqa: 6,531 holders are cruising with Zilliqa, holding about 14% of the total XCAD holder base.
  • Polygon: Finally, Polygon has 1,976 holders, accounting for roughly 4% of total XCAD users.

Near the start of February 2024, there were just under 44,400 holders. As time passed, more people joined the network and in one month, there were around 45,700 holders. This shows that the network is growing and gaining more support from investors and users in just 1 month! It’s like a plant reaching for sunlight, indicating growth and increased confidence in XCAD. Each new holder is a sign of trust in the network, making the community stronger. This one-month period shows that XCAD Network is actively engaging with users and experiencing growth.

Putting all this together, the holder stats across blockchains paint a picture of a diversely invested community.

XCAD Trading Volume: The Trendy Numbers

Now, let’s look into the trading volume of the XCAD token.

1 Year Volume Chart:

We see a steady climb from around $3 million at the start of January 2024 to the peak of $10 million in 24 hours, recorded in March. This uptrend suggests growing trader interest and increased trading activity over the year. This is HUGE for XCAD Network and shows incredible performance in 2024.

1 Month Volume Chart:

The month of February to March has been a bit of a rollercoaster, starting near the 6 million mark in February 13th, then a 3 million growth in February 14th, making the trading volume peak nearly 9 million, but then dipping down in 18th February back under 6 million. The graph’s flow tell us that XCAD’s market is vibrant, with plenty of buying and selling action.

1 Week Volume Chart:

In just one week, XCAD’s trading volume shows some fluctuation, but overall, it maintains a steady pace. The volume has moved around the 9 to 10 million mark, reflecting consistent trader engagement and a solid market presence.

The trading volume over different time frames shows an actively traded token with growing interest. These aren’t just dry digits; they’re real-time reflections of XCAD’s pulse in the crypto world.

The Lockdown of XCAD Tokens

  • Total Locked: Sitting at a sturdy 5,563,782 XCAD locked, it’s quite the vault of digital assets.
  • Locked Forever: Out of this, a massive 4,292,232 XCAD are locked away with no return ticket – that’s about 77% of the total locked amount.
  • Burns: The network has burned 1,186,842 XCAD – these tokens have said their final goodbyes, which is roughly 21% of the locked tokens.
  • Soft Locked: And then we have the 84,708 XCAD, a mere 1.5% of the total, in soft lock, which is like putting tokens in a piggy bank instead of a safe.

Over 1 Year:

The yearly chart shows an uptick from around 5.4 million in November 2023 to over 5.56 million locked XCAD in March 2024. It’s a gradual slope that tells us the XCAD economy is getting tighter and more tokens are being taken out of circulation over time, which could be a bullish signal for the token’s value.

The Past Month:

The past month presents a climb from just under 5.55 million to the current 5.56 million locked tokens. While the increase might seem small, it represents a significant trust from the token holders, believing in locking away their assets for longer-term potential.

Just 1 Week:

In the last week, we see minor fluctuations in the number of locked tokens, ending on a high note, which suggests that even weekly, the sentiment around XCAD is positive with more tokens being put away for the future.

In essence, the locked tokens of XCAD tell a story of a community that’s in for the long haul, holding onto their tokens and reducing the circulating supply, potentially increasing the value for those still in the game.

Staking Stats: Planting XCAD for Growth

Here’s how the staking scene breaks down:

  • Total Staked: There’s a bountiful harvest of 5,727,694 XCAD staked across the network.
  • Zilliqa’s Share: A whopping 4,739,488 XCAD is nestled in Zilliqa’s staking grounds.
  • BNB Chain’s Stake: Not to be overshadowed, BNB Chain has got 988,206 XCAD staked on its side.

Over the Past Year:

Reflecting on January 2024, we have witnessed a significant increase in the total amount of XCAD staked, growing from approximately 5.4 million to 5.72 million in March 2024.

The Month in Review:

Focusing on February 13th, we’ve noticed a climb from just over 5.7 million to the peak of 5,727,694 XCAD. It’s a small growth, but each day, XCAD is getting staked – which reveals, people are actively trusting XCAD Network day by day. It’s like a well-tended garden, the care is in the details. This growth is indicative of a deepening trust in the long-term yield of staking XCAD.

The Weekly Snapshot:

Zooming in on the past week, we see a dramatic upward stroke in the chart. Staked tokens have shot up from March 10th to March 11th, indicating an increase of activity where more holders are deciding to stake their claims and possibly benefit from staking rewards.

The figures show that the XCAD community is supporting success, pledging for the long term, and eagerly looking forward to the potential rewards of their persistence.

So, what does all this mean for XCAD Network?

It is evident that XCAD is not simply another token on the blockchain. It is a thriving ecosystem with a strong economic model, displaying positive signs of growth, distribution, and stakeholder confidence. The statistics demonstrate a combination of strategic planning, community involvement, and market activity that collectively indicate a positive outlook for the network.

Whether you are an investor, trader, or simply interested in cryptocurrency, the development of XCAD is one to keep an eye on. As the network progresses and matures, these figures will serve as milestones along its journey in the ever-expanding world of crypto.

Prepare your records and maintain your interest; this cryptocurrency tale is only just beginning.

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